ProtoTools - Level Prototyping toolset [Open Source]

ProtoTools is a set of tools to help you quickly prototype your levels



License: MIT

Mesh Tools

Place meshes and scale them to quickly build your levels. This is inspired by SuperGrid, although not based or derived from it in any way

I’ve added a few meshes, more to come later

The material is driven by vertex colors for correct scaling, so there’s a special way of designing the meshes. I’ll post details on how to create your own mesh in blender

Spline Tools

[USER=“28980”]Ali Akbar[/USER]

Did you get inspired by Trenchbroom 2.0 ? :wink:

Looking great so far.

The only issue I see is engine will have to render all those obstructed from view faces (not sure about PC, but for sure on mobile).

Its low poly and vertices are usually very cheap so shouldn’t be a problem

Added corner meshes

Looks great, can you show some screenshots with textures applied on these meshes.

[USER=“28980”]Ali Akbar[/USER]

Do you have a roadmap by chance ?

I am wondering if you will have vertex/edge/face moving tools, face extrusion tool, snapping to vertex/edge/face, clipping/Boolean ops (preferably dynamic Boolean), UV tools (with UI - digging material to adjust UV isn’t helping smooth workflow).

just wanna say thanks - this’ll help a ton

Really nice - thanks for sharing!

Have you seen the mesh tool, it’s basically the same thing as this lol

This one is free with MIT license.

Can you bevel edges with this tool?

It doesn’t support mesh editing at all :slight_smile:

A few years ago I was playing around with mesh editing. I’ll probably support that later on like in Pro Builder

@calamitykebab @CoquiGames Glad you like it!

@motorsep I"ll create a roadmap soon

It looks cool. Looks similar to Sketchup (workflow wise). Have you seen Trenchbroom level editor for Quake 1/2 ? It’s one of the best (if not the best) CSG based level design tool that extrudes faces and manipulates vertices/edges/faces and does bool ops.

Doesn’t matter as long as it’s useful :slight_smile: These tools also help support DA

LA is not dead, I’m still working on it. I’ve kept it on hold for the past few months to focus on other things

How do I use this? Noob here.

Could you tell us how to do this???