Protostream (hover racer + procedural skybox demo)

Or watch the alternate version with text overlays to explain some of the key features you’re seeing.

Hi all!

This is a prototype I was working on late last year. Development on it has been waylaid by another project which is going to take up the bulk of my time this year (and possibly next), but I wanted to share what I had so far all the same.

My main aim with the project was to create a futuristic racer which wasn’t just another Wipeout (or F-Zero, or Fast Racing Neo, or Pod Racer, or… Xtreme G?). I love those games too, but inspired by simcade racers like the DiRT and Forza Horizon series’ I wanted to create a physics-based ‘pure’ racer with no weapons or pickups, which ditches sci-fi-highways in favor of a more rally-like experience across surreal alien landscapes. Okay, so maybe Pod Racer did half of those things already - but it’s been so long, and it was much more of an arcade experience than what I’m going for! This prototype is only the first step towards a much larger vision, but I’m pretty pleased with how it was going so far.

Key features:
Entirely physics-based vehicle movement, including emulated aerodynamics.
Fully procedural skybox + dynamic cloud shadows, built using UE4’s awesome (if computationally expensive) 3D Noise.
I was originally considering selling this as an asset, but it looks like someone else has already beaten me to the punch with something very similar.
Fairly high numbers of AI.
It’s super basic at the moment, but it’s also poorly optimised. My hope is that more complex but better optimised AI will cost about the same performance.
Built without writing a single line of code… which I really didn’t expect to be able to do prior to this project. Turns out Blueprints are pretty darn versatile, and quite nice to work with!