Protofactor, Inc's Content on Sale from 07/06/2016 to 07/20/2016

Hey there! Just to let you guys know that all PROTOFACTOR,INC’s content on the UE4 Marketplace is at 50% OFF till July 20th.
You can head over to our CONTENT CREATOR’s PAGE to see what’s good to pick up

here are a few examples of what’s available:

Weretoad: $12.50 instead of $24.99

Dragon Rex Alpha $17.50 instead of $34.99

Giant Worm Boss Character (with Spawned worm) $20 instead of $39.99

Mountain Dragon $17.50 instead of $34.99

Weresquid $12.50 instead of $24.99

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Little reminder that the sale ins on till July 20th.
here are some more example of what you find at 50% OFF over here

Wyvern $17.50 instead of 34.99

Mummy $12.50 instead of $25

Tyranopode $12.50 instead of $24.99

Skeleton Knight $12.50 instead of $24.99

Enjoy! :slight_smile:

Some more good deals at 50% OFF:

Dragonide $15 instead of $29.99

Troll $15 instead of $29.99

Marhomorph $12.50 instead of $ 24.99 (also included in a bigger bundle: Monsters Pack Vol 1 with 4 other characters at $42.50 instead of $84.99)

Orc $15 instead of $ 29.99

Little bump for awareness purposes. :slight_smile:
Sale will only last till July 20th!

Your assets do not show as being for sale

This is a terrible screw up on UE4 s end… Indeed they prematurely ended the sale after only one week instead of two… all our apologies for this… nothing to do with our initial plans obviously…
Sorry… :frowning: