PROTOFACTOR INC Winter 2016 Sale // All Our Content At 50%OFF

Hey there! Santa Claus is coming to town a little early and is making a one week stop at the UE4 Marketplace. All PROTOFACTOR INC’s content is at 50% OFF from today, December 16th to Friday December 23rd! Don’t miss an occasion to get your hands on some bargain deals.
Don’t wait any longer and head over to our publisher’s page to know what asset can be a fit for your current or future projects: PUBLISHER’s PAGE

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Awesome :slight_smile: thanks for the great assets.

@Namesis : you’re welcome! Without our fellow customers’ support we wouldn’t be able to continue our activity. So big thank you back at all of you guys who are supporting us! :slight_smile:

Hi, the assets look great, but you confirm when are the bundles going to include the extra content you mention i,e the Heroic Villains Vol3 you say it will get beetle, dwarves, fungoid added

I just wanted to take a moment and say that Protofactor has some of the best content available from any asset store, both in creative design, technical execution, and support. The screenshots never do their work justice. True AAA work.

I love your work. My wallet doesn’t, but this sale may have just won it over too :cool:

Hi, and thanks for your support. We’ll be able to submit the updates on the 1st of January. We want to make sure an update is not going to mess up / update the price back to normal when it should still be on sale. Thanks for bearing with us. We only have one word. Don’t worry. The updates will hit the store in 2017. A Lizard warrior is on its way and will be the update to the Heroic Fantasy Lizard Creatures (really excited about that one, you can check it out on or sketchfab page). We also have Barghest and volcrate done and they will be future updates of their respective packs.

Sorry to hear your wallet got hurt… but big thank you for the support and kind words. Your support and the one from others truly help us bring to the UE4 marketplace new upgraded content from our library. Expect about 10 more updated characters to hit the marketplace before March 2017. After that we’ll be able to create some new original content that would fit a wider range of genres.

Hey @Protofactor! I’d like to tell you that I’m really enthusiastic about your models. But there is something I’m kinda worried about them, which is their skeleton. I’d love to get some of the in this sale, but could could you kindly clarify somethings first?

It’s my understanding that the humanoid characters are not rigged to UE4 Skeleton, right? An eventual retarget would require assigning their skeletons to the humanoid template, but I’m not sure that would be possible without knowing the current skeleton setup you are using.

So my first question is: are all your humanoid character at least using the same custom skeleton? And the second: do you have any information from other customers regarding retargeting, in a way that they can use other animations with your models and/or vice-versa?

I’d be great if you could clarify these topics, since I’m surely willing to get some of your models while they are on sale!

Thanks a lot!

Indeed, none of our models are rigged to the Epic skeleton since none of them are actual humans. Which characters were you referring to? Orc, goblin, ogre? s you can see even if they have the humanoids features they’re not in human proportion just like the UE4 Mannequin. To be honest we have no clue as to what this means. Our understanding is that if you create an actual human character it has to be rigged onto the same exact Epic Skeleton as the one from the mannequin. But then there is the scaled to Epic Skeleton… And here we got lost… Does that mean that the character is in the right scale if compared to the mannequin? like the dragon is indeed bigger than the mannequin or what? We haven’t found much information to help regarding this.
Also I know that a user was complaining about retargeting. If you want I can either provide a FBX file of one of the character’s skeleton in Skin Pose plus a sample dummy animation so that you can test. I’m really not sure as to what are the requirements to re assign a skeleton etc…

Hey I love your packs! Any idea when you might get your animal packs on the unreal marketplace? I’m interested in the farm and forest animals only. I’m also interested in the sci-fi ones. Will you be adding the sci-fi characters that go with the sci fi creatures pack you already have on the marketplace?