ProtoCharacters Pack

I recently installed the ProtoCharacter Pack and when I added it to my project it either loads the skeletal meshes and no materials or textures OR it loads an empty folder for materials and textures only. Wondering if anyone else is having this issue within the last couple of hours.

Did you add it via migration, or through the add content pack feature? Sometimes when I migrated content I had to restart the launcher/editor in order for missing content to reveal itself. See if that works, also check the folder in your documents to see if everything transferred properly.

I sorted it out. It was a document issue. For some strange reason, the skeletons or mats/texs wouldn’t show in the content browser but showed in the documents folder. I ended up deleting them all out, rebooted the launcher and added them to the project again and everything showed up. Today has just been full of weirdness o.0

I had the same thing happen to me. I solved it the same way.

I’m sure it’s a quirk of the Unreal Engine, rather than the Proto pack, as all the files showed up in Windows Explorer, just not in the Content Browser.

I figured that was it. Glad you got it sorted out. The feature has been buggy like that for some time.