Protest Idea for a video game

Seen the recent disgusting developments at Blizzard Activision I came up with an idea for a video game during my bLizzard account deletion request proces

Lizard Harstivision (This game can doom bLizzard)

Top Down videogame where a girl has to work in the office box and try not to be sexharassed bay a bos and other situation cited by the Californian government lawsuit. I know it’s an extreme idea but given the current situation the whole industry is under attack and an appropriate response is needed

thanks for looking after my personal smal protest. I hope someone sits down with some assets and make this game.

Make a good game and it might get lots of positive attention / kudos. It might also be interesting to capture both sides though as well. Gamers get to play victimized staff, but also get to play the evil boss who even after a record year, lays off half the staff keeping the rest in perpetual fear (siege mode). Wait, that actually happened: Here & here & here. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I only have ideas unfortunately nobody monetizes ideas nowadays it’s the sad thing nobody even wants ideas having ideas makes you dangerous the one sitting above you feels threatened the one above the one above also fell pain to and end up cleaning the floors hahahah if any do video game I have all ideaa all off them ahaha for free

Press X on your controller to abuse your position of power and sexually harass all your ‘non men’ employees

Apart from jokes, make an office simulator in site sim with the spicy notes of the blizzard it’s a really good idea a war between HR and Lizard in ofice life

I mean good intent (kinda) but I doubt people would play it. It seems kinda messed up to make a game where you try to not get harassed. Cancel culture is a thing, you know.