Protest Idea for a video game

Seen the recent disgusting developments at Blizzard Activision I came up with an idea for a video game during my bLizzard account deletion request proces

Lizard Harstivision (This game can doom bLizzard)

Top Down videogame where a girl has to work in the office box and try not to be sexharassed bay a bos and other situation cited by the Californian government lawsuit. I know it’s an extreme idea but given the current situation the whole industry is under attack and an appropriate response is needed

thanks for looking after my personal smal protest. I hope someone sits down with some assets and make this game.

I only have ideas unfortunately nobody monetizes ideas nowadays it’s the sad thing nobody even wants ideas having ideas makes you dangerous the one sitting above you feels threatened the one above the one above also fell pain to and end up cleaning the floors hahahah if any do video game I have all ideaa all off them ahaha for free

Press X on your controller to abuse your position of power and sexually harass all your ‘non men’ employees

Apart from jokes, make an office simulator in site sim with the spicy notes of the blizzard it’s a really good idea a war between HR and Lizard in ofice life

I mean good intent (kinda) but I doubt people would play it. It seems kinda messed up to make a game where you try to not get harassed. Cancel culture is a thing, you know.

Sometimes in the evening I have cool ideas, but in the morning I forget them) Has this happened to you?

2 star trek series + more or less 100 films + 15 manga + 10 books and more than 100 video games these are just things I remember not to remember it has a scientific name but I call it the Renaissance Man Syndrome deriving from the Renaissance man who knew how to do everything but in 2021 the possibilities are so many that a creative person tries to do everything and in the end does nothing there have been written books on the subject having so many ideas is counterproductive, you quickly lose interest and move on to the next subject, and a relationship with women or people in general becomes boring after a short time you need stimuli

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Let’s make videogame or cartoon for children parody of CCP and Tencent.

This is actually a very good idea. Our expectations in society have shifted, but the changes are taking forever. What I would do with this, would be to make that female character go through all the layers. At first, she is vulnerable, average human being, low confident and the game is all about psychological, as well as physical survival.

She then, or the player, grows into more confidence and has to go through the endless maze of reporting, filing complaints, even charges. After one defeat after the next, she has to level up to finding a better legal advice, more people on her campaign and so forth. Eventually the boss gets sentenced.

She then thinks “What about all the others?” Starts a campaign and the game plays through realistic scenarios, based on real world data. Again, a massive hill to climb. She wins that eventually.

During this time, she also does some self defense and faces these real life scenarios, like tactically navigating the side walk like a navy seal to prevent an assault.

Over time, she grows that campaign and a little self defense girl “militia” goes vigilante. That is where the game is no longer realistic, but more of a fantasy.

You can grow this into her becoming a politician, a mercenary or whatever else.

Big idea. Keep it small and modular for scalability.

Just throwing out some ideas on the bus here.

I’m a man, so I can’t advise you on what needs to be addressed. I’m also Nordic, so my female part of the DNA suggests there should be some massive barbaric action for revenge.

Perhaps ask women in these positions what never gets heard and use the game to tell that story to raise some awareness?

As for men training to become strong, independent, masculine for real and all that required to treat women with respect and honor, that’s a totally different aspect.

The best solutions is for men to be men, instead of weak minded clowns. Until then, the issues must be exposed without apologies.

I’ll take a note.

What about pizza delivery in washington, would be even funnier.

today i seen a guide on YOUTUBE how to refine uranium ore into uranium metal in a garage…nowadays the pizza ordered by somone los importance there are people refining uranium in the garage from YouTube tutorials…I also found guides on virology with the possibility of deleterious uses bay random guy wit internet…the pizza gate still seems relevant to you???

there are the Americans who accidentally bent time space in an experiment…and I repeat BY ERROR folded space time into a ring as they test the new plasma nuclear reactor you put artificial intelligence and transhumanism into it and the argument of the pizza loses any importance in the face of extinction level material this would be a storyline for a video game if there wasn’t a ton of documentation about things you want to show or say

You did not hear about PizzaGate.

Btw it connects to everybodys favorite Bobby, he was in Epsteins notebook.