ProStructures and Unreal Engine. Problem with meshes

Hi all,

I work as structural designer. I tryed to import my draws to Unreal engine (FBX) but I have always problems applying materials. I looked my projects in Maya and Blender and I saw that many triangles make the meshes and somehow I have problems with that in Unreal.
What could I do?


That’s typical of CAD software, they don’t work off polygons so when they convert to a program that does they’re usually triangulated.

And how can I fix it or how can I work with that? Is there a way to do it?


Either the software would have to have support for generating quad polygons or you could try and quadrify the mesh, but often an automatic method will not do it quite the way you want so the only way to get it exactly the way you want is to remove the edges manually.

In 3ds Max 2017, you have to properly name all material IDs and redo the unwrap UVs. If it is unwrapped and you changed some poly material IDs, it will turns as an error/missing material slot and may crash your project. I’ve learned this the hard way :confused:

The software support Acis modeler too.Would it be an option?

First thanks for the help.
“Acis Modeler” was not an option so I´m trying what you said. It works but it is really hard… Maybe I should try it with something smaller.
Anyway It works almost I have only one problem. I share 2 pics to show you the problems (cause my english… :rolleyes:)


You could try just using the modular approach…for example, just “fix” one column with all his details, and import that, then just copy to the right places, if you know that some asset are going to repeat a lot is not worth it exporting all of them, just do one…the good thing with structures is that they repeat a lot most of the time…

ty for your answer. I tried it but it was not really possible with so many screws and parts so I am going to learn how to draw only with 3DS in order to make everything clean and better.
Here what I am doing today :slight_smile:

Just trying one warehouse smaller

Those rounded corners can be reduced further–you only need a few segments to make those look good since you’re not going to get really close to them.
Same with the bolts.

Yep I see now that it is really a hard work if I try to make everything perfect but it can be a good idea in order to learn how to work with 3DS.
thank you very much for your tip :slight_smile: