Pros/Cons with Perception Neurons?

Hi there,

Im posting here instead of the PN forums, in order to get some unbiased oppinions on PN. I’ve been thinking about purchasing them for mocap instead of my current ipisoft setup with 6 x ps3eye cams which as so many shortcommings both in terms of recording area requirements, clothing, light and calibration. And on top of that i always have lots of post-processing / cleaning to do.

So with PN i mostly hear good stuff, but came accross some posts mentioning issues with jumping or fast moves and position drifting especially when two feet were off ground (jumping jacks or dance moves). Since i will need to mocap both fast movements like running and quick turns + climbing, i want to hear if i can expect tons of issues with this kind of captures. In short… what are the Pros/Cons?

Thank you and hope for some good usefull feedback.