ProRes missing, but it's enabled

I can’t export to ProRes, the option is just not there among the Output formats. The plugin is enabled. UE 4.26.1 on MacOS Big Sur 11.2, same on 11.1 and 4.25.3. I did a complete uninstall including all folders, prefs, caches… No dice. Anyone else?

I’ve personally never encountered this. Have you tried creating a new project as a test and confirming it shows up?

Yes, I have. No, it doesn´t show up. Are you using it on Mac? Also, the FCP XML (shotlist) never gets actually created.

EDIT: I see in the documentation ProRes/DnXHD is not available in Movie Render Queue just yet. That’s fine, but it’s not in the default Movie Render window either.

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Three months in, 4.26.2 and still no Apple ProRes on Apple MacOS.

I read somewhere that the apple and DNxHD codecs are not available for Mac.
I am on Mac and have the same problem.

Anyone get an answer to the missing ProRes? Seems odd there is a plugin but the render settings don’t have the ProRes option.

UE5 macOS 12.4. Prores plugin enabled, export option not found.


I’ve been having the same problem. I have found a workaround tough, even if it is longer than having the video ready just after the rendering process has finished.
I did this:

-These are my export settings

-As you see I use the Command Line Encoder, and I have ffmpeg installed to have it work correctly (look here for more information Export Formats | Unreal Engine Documentation).

  • In Project Settings>Plugins>Movie Pipeline CLI Encoder I have set the Executable Path to the ffmpeg executable, and I changed the highlined settings.

  • After this I render what I need, (to whoever may needs this) look for “Movie Render Queue” documentation to learn more about rendering (Movie Render Queue | Unreal Engine Documentation)
  • The result for me is a series of images (so I don’t now if I really need to export as ‘Command Line Encoder’, or if I could just export as ‘.jpg Sequence’…)
    Still, I could not find a way to convert these images to movie file. My sister gave me an idea:
    Use DaVinci Resolve to convert them into a video! (How to : Davinci Resolve PNG Image Sequence to Video - YouTube)
    Be careful at which frame rate you export your render (you can change it in the ‘Output ’ setting), because in Davinci you should match the play frame rate speed of your sequence, you can do it by right clicking the sequence on the Edit workspace and do ‘Change Clip Speed ’ and set the one you rendered the image sequence with.

Hope it helps!

P.S: Also the cool stuff is that, if you need to change something and render again and you have selected the same directory of your previous rendered images, then Unreal will automatically overwrite the old images with the new render and woila, in Davinci Resolve the imported images will update automatically with the new ones.

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These are the Command Line Encoder Settings if you need to copy paste them:

Video Codec: libvpx-vp9
Audio Codec: libvorbis
Output File Extension: mkv
Encode Settings Low: -crf 28 -b:v 0
Encode Settings Med: -crf 23 -b:v 0
Encode Settings High: -crf 20 -b:v 0
Encode Settings Epic: -crf 16 -b:v 0

I know its been 7 months since the first post, but does anyone know if they have corrected this yet? Ive reached out to the team about it but they just run me in circles. Still doesn’t work for me on 5.0.3

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it’s January 4th 2023, I’m just getting my feet wet and ready to do my first export… and this is still a problem that does not seem to be fixed. Running a M1 Max MBP.


Having the same issue as I try to evaluate different export types.

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Adding to this chain, is still an issue as of July 2023, Apple Pro Res not working on an Apple computer is hilarious lmao


Apple ProRes is indeed missing from MacOS version of Unreal (LOL)
I tried to forcibly include it into game by adding “AppleProResMedia” into .build.cs, and the compiler says there’s no ProRes .dylib

Naturally if you go to the plugin location, /Users/Shared/Epic Games/UE_5.2/Engine/Plugins/Media/AppleProResMedia/Source/AppleProResMedia/Source/ThirdParty/ProResLib/lib - you will find a windows folder with the library compiled for Windows.
My first thought was to just disassemble it on Windows, and assemble back on Mac, but then I remembered that Unreal EULA specifically says not to disassemble anything.

If you refer to ProRes codec webpage it says that the codec is proprietary, and only licensed to certain pieces of software - which Unreal is one of.

Still, it is unclear why wouldn’t Apple ProRes be included as a .dylib for MacOS

Found an approach to this implementing UMovieRenderOutputBase class. You can catch frames with it and do custom processing. I created a render preview widget that only shows render preview fullscreen, then upon new frame event I use Legacy MovieSceneCapture to capture it. It’s not ideal but it does the trick to some extent. Next up will implement MP4 encoding and will update

Following up - Anyone find a solution? I cannot find concrete answers / links to white papers / solid announcements as to why there are no Prores / AVID codecs available in 5.3.2 (Mac 13.6.4 on a M2 Max). They are both enabled on my machine…do not show up as options when rendering. Anyone?

I’m still waiting for Prores as an export option on Mac. It’s 2024 and literally “unreal” that it is still not available. Doesn’t make sense that this is hasn’t been a priority with Epic.