ProRes missing, but it's enabled

I can’t export to ProRes, the option is just not there among the Output formats. The plugin is enabled. UE 4.26.1 on MacOS Big Sur 11.2, same on 11.1 and 4.25.3. I did a complete uninstall including all folders, prefs, caches… No dice. Anyone else?

I’ve personally never encountered this. Have you tried creating a new project as a test and confirming it shows up?

Yes, I have. No, it doesn´t show up. Are you using it on Mac? Also, the FCP XML (shotlist) never gets actually created.

EDIT: I see in the documentation ProRes/DnXHD is not available in Movie Render Queue just yet. That’s fine, but it’s not in the default Movie Render window either.

Three months in, 4.26.2 and still no Apple ProRes on Apple MacOS.

I read somewhere that the apple and DNxHD codecs are not available for Mac.
I am on Mac and have the same problem.