ProRes and DNxHD missing from Render Movie Settings

Hi all,

Happy New Year :slight_smile:

Apologies if this has been asked somewhere before, but I cannot seem to find information on it anywhere.

I am working on 4.25.4 and having an issue where my movie render settings no longer allow me to choose DNxHD or ProRes as a codec. To be clear, this used to show up, but no longer does. The project is basically a camera blueprint with Vive controller and OSC inputs/outputs for virtual production. If I migrate the blueprint to a new project, the prores options seem to return. Unfortunately however, I then need to re-create a million variables and functions etc, so I am trying to avoid at all costs - especially if this could happen again.

Has anyone encountered this before? Or have any idea what could be causing it? I am fairly new to UE, so I may be doing something silly.

Also, please let me know if thereโ€™s any more information I can provide. Screenshot of the missing codecs attached!

Thanks all!


I had to enable the ProRes plugin. Hope that helps.