Propperly implementing TAA and MSAA

**Hello everyone, so im trying to make a game and now am trying to make an options / settings menu.

Everything works fine so far except the Anti Aliasing types**

Here are some Pictures:




So what the problem im having is that 2x TAA and FXAA 2x looks the same and MSAA basicly doesnt work and looks the same as if I didnt have Anti aliasing on.

So these are the console commands im using to edit my Anti Aliasing Type

**The numbers of the commands are equal to the same number of the text (So 3 = r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing 0 = None aka No AA)

I dont know if I made a mistake in regards to the commands
(maybe r.DefaultFeature.AntiAliasing 2 is not TAA but MSAA)**

Here is a picture of the console commands im using to change the Anti Aliasing Quality

**And again the numbers of the commands equel to the name of the quality setting (So 1 = r.PostProcessAAQuality 4 = 4x )

maybe i made a mistake in writing the command but i dont think so because in FXAA it works fine (2x, 4x and 6x works aka you will see a change in smoothness)

I dont know if i provided enough information to make helping me possible. if i didnt, please ask away!**

Thank you for reading and or helping me!

MSAA only works in Forward Rendering

So how does one implement this in a game? or am i not understanding you correctly?

Read here: