Propose a Library of Successful Blueprints


I was wondering if there is a place or location that had images or links to successful blueprints. Could be a great resource for other developers. If not, maybe we should start one??

What do we think?


Or you can find examples of working BPs in the answerhub & forums. But I don’t think there’s a dedicated place to easily search and get working BPs for free. Would be cool

Whilst I think this could be a good idea; it would be nice to just grab a blueprint setup that only needs minor tweaking to suit your needs; I don’t think it would give anyone the incentive to actually “learn” the way everything is done. There’s plenty of content around if you look for it, as I have found, the EPIC tutorials are simply “EPIC” they have a nice flow to help you learn quickly and easily. There’s always other users here to help and the community to me so far have been very helpful, even when i’ve made a stupid mistake, or, just not looked at the problem in the right way, but that’s learning. If you can just grab the BP you need to accomplish something, it nullifies the need to learn it. That’s the way I see it anyway.


This site has the right idea with being able to create blueprints in a web browser, just needs some tweaks in the structure of the site and I think it’s got a good lead on anything else out there.

that’s actually quite a good little tool. for help debugging from someone it’s handy.

Pretty much, I’ve seen the same 2 or 3 people constantly asking for help on the forums (on the same topic too), because instead of learning the content, they just ask other people what to do.