Proposal Game - finished


Credits to Ashton Morris for the sound Fx and Music.
Project took about 6 hours for the game. Some more hours for the art.

She said yes :slight_smile:

let me to be first one who congratulates you , happy new life :slight_smile:

Gratulations for all four.
The UE4-idea, the yes, you and her.
Split it fair!!!"§!"243241

Man this is amazing.

You’re pretty lucky the royalties are owed only on released games, otherwise you would have to split 5% of your wife over uahahha :).

Anyways, congrats!

:smiley: haha yes never thought of splitting royalty’s:eek:

Congratulations Crocopede! =)

This is so cute.


Well done, she’s a keeper! Mine wants to leave me for spending too much time on ‘el computador’… :stuck_out_tongue:

wow! great work dude

Congratulations and I wish you a happy life :slight_smile:

Awesome idea man! Happy life to you both!

Awesome man , really cool idea , congratz