Proportionalizer: Easy Character Model Proportion Adjustments

Released 6/22/18

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Its easy to use! Just add a Proportionalizer Component to your actor and set the target mesh. Then, you only need to add one node to your animation blueprint and link it with the Proportionalizer Component.

You can configure the Proportionalizer Component with an array of proportion data classes. These objects are done in blueprint, so you can easily create your own custom proportion attributes.




Released Proportionalizer today. Can’t wait to get customer feedback on it!

And I do have a project to use this! Looks awesome! Might post some pics when the team put the hands on it.

Here are some more tests I did.

I’ve added a demonstration project.




Playing as character after editing proportions in with the UI

What kind of character prep does this require - does it require morph targets, multiple models, etc or can I just throw in any model and it works?

There is no prep for the model. You need only add the component to the actor and the node in the animation blueprint.

Hi. I recently bought your plugin and I have to say it’s great. I have it working with my custom character without problem but I only have a problem with the leg length. I think it’s because he uses the bone “gun ik” I think and my skeleton doesn’t have that bone.

The fact is that when I use the slider my character’s feet stop touching the ground and the whole character rises in the air.

Is it possible to solve this in any way? Thank you

No matter. I´ve changed the foot frac value and now works perfect.


Please update the Amazing ‘Proportionalizer’ to** UE4 4.22. **Thank you in advance.