Property names are not readable because of wasted space

As shown on the image below the names of properties (e.g. Game State Class) are occluded by the edit box. although there is plenty of space (marked in red). Moving the edit box of the properties to the right (or removing the padding shown in red) Would allow for the names of the properties to be fully visible without affecting any other elements in the layout.
Screenshot taken at 1920x1080p


Yes please fix wasted space to make things easier to read.


Not even just the red box, but the column after it is simply not worthy of all that horizontal space everywhere because some of them might contain an arrow (and even those waste more than half their space and cannot be made narrower). There was nothing wrong visually with the yellow arrows of UE4.

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Totally agree. Overall there is just way too much empty space in the UI at the cost of vital information. Fundamentals like editing properties should not involve fighting with the UI. Some developers will edit properties 100s or 1000s of times a day, this quickly adds up to days or even weeks of wasted development time over the course of a project . As a developer I want to be able to see all the information I need without having to resize columns or windows.

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