"Property import failed for ValueMappings" when starting game in Chinese

I see this in my log when I run the game in Chinese. Has anyone else seen/fixed this?

[0002.39] Warning: Warning, ImportText (ValueMappings): Missing opening parenthesis:
[0002.39] Error: Error, ImportText (ProfileMappings): Property import failed for ValueMappings in: (ValueMappings=((Name="None"),(Name="Black"),(Name="White"),(Name="Yellow"),

I did a little Googling and it seems that error also appears in Killing Floor 2 (a UE3 game) when running in Chinese.

I don’t know if this has anything to do with the missing glyphs I’m trying to track down, but it could be related.

Edit: It looks like these settings are in Engine\Localization\INT\ and Engine\Localization\CHN\Engine.chn. It seems to be that the sections for the two languages are identical. I wonder what could be wrong with how the Chinese version is getting parsed.