Property access system and function calls with parameters?

I’m using property access and blueprint threadsafe update animation pretty successfully so far.

However I noticed there’s no way to call functions that take a parameter? It’s totally possible to bind to a function that takes no parameters.

I can’t see a reason why this shouldn’t be possible knowing what I know about how the system works. I essentially want to pass an anim curve value into a C++ function which I’d think should be threadsafe since it can just use whatever the value for the parameter would’ve been at the time the value was cached for the property access.

I am able to make a wrapper function in C++, for example, that calls a function that normally takes arguments, and just pass in the arguments from there. It indicates to me there’s no reason property access can’t take arguments itself.

If there’s some thread safety issue we should be aware of that’d be good to know so we know not to do things like that.