Property Access Node Doesn't Work and Causes Crashes


I have been changing some variables I used inside my Anim Graph to use Property Access nodes instead. I have them connected to the transition rules in my state machine and they just do not seem to work at all. I can print out the exact same variable that the property access node has in it and it shows up correctly, but for some reason it doesn’t work inside the state machine.


Then there is the crashing problem. Whenever I try to read a integer or float type variable with the Property Access node, it just crashes the engine as soon as I press compile.


There are no errors and the variables work just fine outside of the Property Access nodes.

I’m not sure if I posted in the right topic… I meant to put it in bug reports / general.

EDIT: It does just say “Feedback for the Unreal Engine team” in the topic field. I don’t understand why it became a feature request lol. It’s very confusing.

has this been fixed? thanks