Properties using push model replicate without being manually marked as dirty

I’m trying to use the push model for replicating properties. But the properties simply replicate as usual, without me marking anything as dirty manually. Which is the whole point.

Here’s my code:

// header file
int TestInt;

// cpp file
void AMyPlayerState::GetLifetimeReplicatedProps(TArray<FLifetimeProperty>& OutLifetimeProps) const

	FDoRepLifetimeParams SharedParams;
	SharedParams.bIsPushBased = true;

	DOREPLIFETIME_WITH_PARAMS_FAST(AMyPlayerState, TestInt, SharedParams);

void AMyPlayerState::SetTestInt(int NewValue)
  TestInt = NewValue;

I use the setter method to change TestInt value on a PlayerState object on the server. But because I don’t mark the property as dirty, I would expect the OnRep_TestInt method to never fire on client side. But it calls it regardless of me marking the property dirty or not. Is this a bug or am I just misunderstanding how the push model is supposed to work?

Ever found an answer?

Check this

I’m wondering the same thing, any info on this ?