Properly build unreal project without launching UE4Editor on Linux

Hi, Unreal gurus,

I face a problem on building my unreal project without launching UE4Editor.

I did successfully build UE4 editor with CLang 3.9.
And the project can be built with UE4Editor on the first time by itself even it’s cleaned up. (By removing Intermediate, Binaries and related object filse.)

But what I really want to know is how to properly build it without launching UE4 on Linux, thus I tried the following approaches:

  1. Use to generate makefile, and start make with “make $PROJECT_NAME”
    But it fail miserably with many “multiple definitions” and “undefined references” during linking.
    detail log can be retrived at…3pybVVVQmdaNFE

  2. Use command from this article:…_with_commands
    But it fail with warning like: “LogInit: Warning: Incompatible or missing module: libUE4Editor-$”
    detail log is located at:…DAzNjNsNlBIbHc

Please share your experience with me about building on Linux successfully.
Thank you.