Properly apply force overtime

I have been struggling a little with making a physics object curve in the air at the same rate same way be but frames are high or low.

Example yiu curve said physics object and want it so if I aim Aim in one direction it will curve right and mostly always hit the same location at 20 fps or 120 fps

So I call an event of the object and this hits a timeline once and then from start of 3 seconds uodates and lerp which goes from 0 to 45

This float is changing the physics object to rotate its linear velocity to turn.

Still seems to curve faster or slower thus not reaching the same point even when all conditions but frame rate are the same.

My best description would be if you where doing your own gravity code and you went to jump over a pit on higher frame rate you would not make it over the it because your effect of gravity would effect you more often where a low frame rate your fly further before falling because less