Proper workflow with World Composing?

Should all levels be worked on separately and put together when everything is done or should they be composed together early and worked on as a single level?

Where should things like sky sphere, sky light be placed, in the master level or in one of the normal levels or maybe somewhere else? When I composed my levels together then there was multiple light sources, multiple sky spheres, that was expected but I don’t know what is the proper way to deal with it. For now I deleted all those things from levels and put one of each in master level but now there is red tinted spot in the middle of the sky and a reddish band along the horizon when levels are loaded although the sun is high.

Last but not least, when world composing is enabled and levels loaded pretty much any action causes the editor to crash. Like starting game, stopping game, loading a level and so on. Anything can cause a crash but it is not consistent, same action may or may not cause a crash. It is impossible to do anything and even though I learned to save often it simply takes too much time to re-launch the editor every minute.

Levels are composed by clicking ‘new level’ this opens a new separate level. The sky is already there when you do this. You can rotate the sun as you see fit. As far as where to put the levels, most people stream them (as can be seen in the Content Examples Project). Meaning one level loads when you leave another (or when the player hits a specific trigger volume). Putting them all together is crazy and probably forces your computer to deal with way more polygons/texture calls/code than it possible can.

I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing, what I am talking about is not ‘old’ level streaming but relatively new feature called world composition (I think it went out of experimental just in 4.5), but thanks anyway.

Thank you, this is just as I thought and hoped. Just have to find what causes the crashes now, if you aren’t having them it must be something in my blueprint then. Meanwhile I’ll have to work with individual levels. And you were right about red tint in the sky, it was the fog, I forgot to move it to the master level and it became red for some reason.

EDIT: I forgot to mention another issue that I’m having. Sometimes (actually a lot of times) navigation mesh gets generated in a wrong place, sometimes it is where some other level is supposed to be even though it is unloaded at the moment, sometimes it is just offset a few meters. I can see outlines of my level geometry in the nav mesh but it is not lined up with actual geometry. Building level usually fixes that.