Proper way to license-restrict UE4 Plugins?

Hi UE4’ers,

My company is currently working on a plugin for UE4 which we’d like to license to our chosen partners. We want only registered/licensed users to be able to access some features in the Plugin - so I’m wondering how to go about this in the most appropriate way.

Is there a standard-practice way of having feature licenses in an UE4 plugin, and if so … does anyone have any links to examples/sample projects that might guide us as to how to do this properly?

I don’t know if there’s a standard/proper way for this, but one real world example I know if is the HoudiniEngineForUnreal plugin. SideFX offers several licenses for Houdini, but not all of them can produce content that works with that plugin (e.g., I don’t think the free Apprentice licenses can create assets that work with the plugin).

Cool - thanks for the reference drichardson, I’ll dig into Houdini’s code and see what I find vis a vis licensing techniques … thanks!