Proper way to implement custom/basic vehicle movement for multiplayer?

I made a post on Reddit asking a similar question to this one and didn’t get much of a response, for reference I will link here:

So my main issue is that I’m trying to get just a basic vehicle controller going, and I see a lot of conversation mentioning how physics are difficult to get replicated/predicted well.

My confusion stems from this video: Space Dust Racing UE4 Arcade Vehicle Physics Tour - YouTube - as that video seems to use the physics implementation to make that vehicle controller.

Long story short, that video is exactly what I’m going for. It makes sense for single player development, but I’m having issues figuring out how to take this to multiplayer.

Now almost all the documentation I find for UE4 multiplayer says to use standard movement controllers rather than physics implementations. Due to this, I’m absolutely confused as to how to move forward, as the video example there seems to rely on the physics system pretty heavily.

The only suggested solution I seen was to use BlueMan’s marketplace assets, but that project seems to be abandoned, and seems to be more for “realistic” physics anyway, and as mentioned, I only am looking for basic physics.

I’m pretty surprised there’s no marketplace assets for just a basic, arcade style multiplayer vehicle with basic physics. You’d think that “should” be easier as it’s more simplified, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Any advice on how to move forward would be appreciated!