Proper way to cast a plugin object?


How do I properly set the object in my level blueprint for my ‘Cast To OSC_REC’ node in order to bind to it’s EventDispatcher?

The usual ‘Get Player Character’ doesn’t work. Probably because OSC_REC isn’t a character. It is a 3rd party plugin and when creating it’s own blueprint I had to add it as it’s own object.

I’m not sure how to add the proper object on the level blueprint to cast it so I can bind to it’s EventDispatcher. Level blueprints don’t have components, so I can’t drag the OSC_REC object onto the blueprint to reference it.

The error in my level blueprint

The OSC_REC blueprint with my EventDispatcher

Error when I try to add the OSC object itself

2nd error

The actual blueprint class

This issue was solved here >