Proper way to animate and export synced AI characters with root motion

What is the proper way to animate multiple synchronized characters for AI?
What I mean is how should they be positioned in the scene, where should their roots be placed in 3D app?

For cutscenes (and from the Matinee sample project) it’s obvious that characters can be all around the 3d space and their root bones should be located in [0,0,0] coords.

But what about AI characters that have synchronized animations and we need to be able to “walk into” the synchronized animation via general AI movements? The animations are synchronized in time but also in place, so contact between the characters can happen.

If one of the characters starts it’s animation outside [0,0,0] and even rotated to face the other character it should probably have it’s root bone bellow the character. But such animation will be handled weird if root motion is used. Translation seems to be ok, but rotations get messed up - characters local rotation will be happening around [0,0,0] coords.

So what’s the correct way how to handle such situations from Unreal Engine’s point of view?