Proper way to add custom actor component

Hi! So after stumbling upon this post:

I went ahead and tried adding my own custom character movement component to my custom character class. I was successful for the most part but have a few questions.

In the wiki article he has, within the custom movement component’s header file, defined:

virutal void InitializeComponent() overrrive;

with the .cpp implementation like so:

void UCustomMovementComponent::InitializeComponent()
	//UE_LOG //comp Init!

My question is where I’m I suppose to call the InitializeComponent() function? Or in what situations do I even need to call it? When I place this function within my custom movement component’s constructor UE4 crashes so I don’t think that is the place. Any insight on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

That should be called for you under the hood.

Test it out with:

UE_LOG(LogTemp, Warning, TEXT("Custom Component Init Called"));

If you look at your OutputLog inside the Engine you know the exact point when its called. But if you dont need the function you can delete it.

Edit: I just noticed in the Tutorial it does never show how to Set the Component.In your Constructor:

GetCharacterMovement() = CreateDefaultSubobject<UCustomMovementComponent>(ACharacter::CharacterMovementComponentName);
	if (GetCharacterMovement())
		GetCharacterMovement()->UpdatedComponent = GetCapsuleComponent();
		CrouchedEyeHeight = GetCharacterMovement()->CrouchedHalfHeight * 0.80f;

Same way as it is Set in the ACharacter. Use the Cast to access your Specific Typed UCustomMovementComponent.

Good Luck and have Fun =)