Proper Use of HISMs

Need HISM clarification

My understanding is “Each HISM component can only ever represent one mesh”

so if I am instancing 1000 static meshes for a crowd system comprised of 10 different static meshes I would use 10 AddHISMs, not 1000?

To clarify - a HISM component can represent more than one mesh. But it has to be the same mesh. Think of a cluster of seemingly identical rocks whose transforms were adjusted to make the whole formation look unique.

I would use 10 AddHISMs

That’d be my understanding.

for a crowd system

Are they going to move?

Yes but will be using VAT textures for animation.
if I have my array of 10 static mesh actors I would reference that with a ForEach and connect to my AddHISM?

The actual instancing would be done with a AddInstance component whose Target property would point to the AddHISM?