proper lip sync programme?

Hi all,

I’m currently looking for a proper lip sync programme that can do batch processing for thousands of voice lines.
I already did quite a bit of research and the best tool facefx would end up at a price of 30.000,- for us which is too much (it is okay to cost money).
So I looked into voice-o-matic. But that’s not compatible anymore with with 3ds max 2016 or 17
Also came across a couple of programmes that were very old or didn’t do batch processing or were just plain ****.

We use 3ds max and motion builder (voice device is a no go)

So my question:
What do you guys use for automated lip sync? Or what would you suggest. An integration with the UE4 would be a nice plus but not mandatory.

Well there are clues being dropped that suggests that UE4 will at some point have auto lip sync out of the box but why not Motion Builders voice device?

Where have there been hints of that?

AFAIK FaceFX costs $900 + some royalty from revenue above $500,000.

I need too

I’m working on text-based solution with synchronization to audio output, but my plugin will only support 4.19 and higher.

Nice! It would be interesting if there will be a plugin in order to use iPhone for the facial tracking, but for the same price you can get FaceFX…so…who knows :smiley:

It’s also possible to use it with Google speech-to-text API. I think it’s cheapr then FaceFX.