Proper IK hands setup for weapons after equip

Hi, everyone

We’re trying to get IK up and running for proper weapon handling, but every tutorial and doc we’ve seen are not working for us (and it’s surely our fault). We’re using a detach-attach action to place weapon from the back slot to a hand slot. But when we setup hands IK nodes and feed them coordinates of the weapon handle and forward grip slots either nothing happens at all or one of the hands become broken

Can anyone point us to the proper tutorial or describe an IK hands sticking process “for dummies” way? :slight_smile:

Not sure this is what you look for, but i do something like that here:

Not exactly, but i’ve solved my issue anyway. That series are handy though, so thanks a lot for sharing :slight_smile:

can you share your solution please ?

It was a post from 2016… what is the problem you are having?

Step 1, check your ik bone nodes and make sure the worldspace/bone space additive/replace settings are correct for what you need to do.

Step 2, disable the transform on the hands via alpha 0, and double check your IK bones are moving. In the position they need to be when you launch in pie - tielde then Show Bones

Step 3 , re-enable the alpha and check that the bones go and line up to the IK Bones.

Chances are you’ll find your problem by just following the 3 steps…

That’s so great information. It’s so cool.