Proper gaze interaction functionality for 3D UMG widgets for 4.12

Apparently there is no good way to interact with 3D UMG widgets in UE4 using so called gaze controls (tracing from view, hitting 3D widget, etc.).

Dear Epic, could you please fix that and add functionality so that gaze interaction with 3D UMG widgets could be easily utilized in VR and non-VR projects using Blueprints ? (and also ability to set custom cursors and keep those confined to 3D widget)


P.S. Not just for PC, but for Android / Gear VR

Bumpy bump!


I’d also like the ability to disable the HMD rotation controlling the mouse cursor, which conflicts with being able to control it with a motion controller.

And as part of this, we need the ability to simulate key presses (and mouse clicks) from BP.

Yep we definatly need this.