Proper Dedicated Server testing

What is the Proper setup for Dedicated server testing? When I use the editor and run ‘clients’ they behave differently to when I package a dedicated server build and the run it. It’s a pain to have to have to package client/server every time I make a small change, what is the best way to go about this?

When I want to test my dedicated server I run it directly from an instance of Visual Studio. I typically also run instances of my clients from other instances of Visual Studio. (So if I’m testing 2 clients with a dedicated server, I’m running three instances of Visual Studio.)

For your dedicated server you only have to build (rebuild) the package if you have changed an asset. Changing C++ does not generally need a rebuild of the package.

The clients do not need to have their packages built, but they do need to have the assets cooked.

I only run the editor when I need to repackage my dedicated server’s assets or I need to cook the data for the clients.

Hope that helps.