Proper color vision deficiency correction

Hey guys,

maybe I’m the only one with this issue, but I’ll just leave it here in case it’s relevant for others too.

Now the editor has a Color Vision Deficiency setting, which is really great to have. However, as a green-red colorblind, it breaks as many colors as it fixes, rendering it useless.

For example, as default, Float and Vector looks the same for me if I’m not putting my face right in front of the screen. Setting the severity between 3 and 5 however makes it really easy to distinguish, which is awesome!

However, I guess it works like it just shifts all colors linearly to some direction, and as a result, it totally breaks the blue colors, which, as default, are perfectly visible with this deficiency.

Se attached screenshot #1, with Object / Struct / Class links. Object is beautifully distinguishable, I must admit tho that I can barely distinguish the other two.

After setting the severity to 3, I can’t make it out which is the object, and which is the class (screenshot #2).
If I set it to 10 (screenshot #3), object and struct are the same.

I believe, generally, fixing color vision deficiency is not as simple as “let’s divide all the green part of RGB with Severity”. I’m not sure how the post process shader works currently, but whatever it does, I think, it’s not the right way to deal with color vision shifting. Or maybe it’s just my eyes, in which case this topic is irrelevant, I just wanted to start a discussion in case this issue is wider than me :slight_smile: