Propagation delays on Marketplace

Apologies for revisiting what must be a common theme and possibly flogging a dead horse - I did a quick search and couldn’t find obviously relevant threads.

The issue is the delay between content creators submitting updates to the marketplace, and those updates appearing. I’ve been waiting a week for a simple fix to one project (which I have been assured has been submitted), and it’s not just the delay but the uncertainty over the delay which is a problem. I’m an amateur developer but I’m sure it can cause serious problems for bigger projects depending on many different interweaved resources (and version control is hard enough as it is).

Rather than just moaning about this - and I’m sure there’s a good reason for the delay (some form of QA?) - I would like to be more constructive.

Can there be a little more transparency about the delays, for example within the marketplace itself? Can there be an indicator, for example, that an update has been submitted but is not yet approved?

In addition, is there some way to provide an estimated date for the update to go live? That would help a LOT with scheduling and managing expectations.

Also, is it possible to fast-track hotfixes and the like, and/or updates to make content compatible with new engine releases? Also possibly to synchronise the release of a new version of the engine with the associated content compatibilty updates? (e.g. the Substance plug-in, though that has its own problems with 4.11.1 at the moment - and, topically, the rather critical and much needed fix has yet to propagate). That may involve delaying the engine release by, say, a week in order to get stuff pre-approved, but since we usually have to wait to get plug-ins updated and so on, effectively no time is lost.

That would be greatly appreciated.

I would like some more transparency as well, an indicator or timer would be great.

Almost all of the assets I’ve bought have been broken in some way, so I don’t think QA is the reason for the delays.