Prop Hunt type gameplay

I was just wondering how it would be possible to make the player controller be transferred over to another object within the game/scene with a simple interaction, would you be able to modify something like a grabber to do that?
Or am i thinking about it the completely wrong way.

Forgive me if i sound stupid, i am new and learning, just want a few pointers or if it would be at all possible.

One way you could do it would be to just change the player model to whatever mesh the player wants to posses by simply just getting whatever mesh it is and swapping it out. Store the current mesh in a variable like PreviousMesh, and then once you swap out models, you spawn the the mesh that the player was previously at their feet or something similar to that.

To add to Shirk’s point I think swapping the possessed pawn would be the best way. Trying to change/swap meshes of a pawn could pose an issue when you are dealing with differently sized mesh’s especially in terms of the camera’s perspective. In other words just change every instance of the word mesh in Shirk’s post to pawn and you should be fine.

So basically for every possesable object i would have to make it a pawn?

That sounds correct Stubbo. That way each pawn has their own camera and collision, rather than just changing the mesh of a single pawn.

Yes if you want the player to be able to “control” them it is the right baseclass to use (because you can possess things). Depending on the base settings you need in this class you may even want to use the “character” baseclass instead.