Proning - How to change the collider?

I want do adjust the collider of my first person character (based on the characters of the shooterdemo), fitting to his crouching and proning states. While a capsule component with a decreased height fits barely for the crouch state, for the proning it seems I have to change the collider entirely.
I tried to add a box component, but it seems, the collider has to be set as the rootcomponent and has to be a capsule to get the character movement component to work properly. Is there a way to adjust the collider without the need to modify the engine code? What is the common method for these cases?

Hope somebody can help.

I don’t really know much about this yet, but maybe you can test to mess with the settings for enabling and disabling collisions between various categories of collision objects and see what happens.

But be careful when switching on stuff that will put you in a state where you will collide (like trying to stand up when you are under a table)

Maybe this is just misleading, but it is something you can try until you get a better answer.

The problem is that the character movement component seems just to work with a given CapsuleComponent. Other added Colliders seem to be overwritten by it. I currently try creating a class with capsule component as parent and adding another FCollisionShape to it. I will update how this works out later, but I would be very happy if someone else around here has a better idea. :slight_smile:

Can I ask why you’re trying to change it? When I did a quick test of the instant hit weapon, the weapon traces hit the character collision (i.e. the shapes around the parts of the character) and not the capsule. So is this an issue just for movement? In which case can’t you just reduce the main capsule down in size?

As you supposed, it is about the movement, walking through holes and such stuff. The capsule component doesnt fit these stances, as the height cannot be lower than the doubled radius (it is just a sphere then). However, when the character lies on the ground, the only possibility to set the height to such a small value as 15 cm for example, is also to set the radius of the capsule to 7,5 cm, which is very indiscussable I think.
I would prefer a flat box as collider for this stance.

As mentioned I try to replace the capsule component with a capsule component child class, but it also didn’t work, the character movement simply does nothing any more. I looked further into the Character Movement class, and it seems the class not only search for a capsule component but even wants the specifc capsule component of the default character class…

Have you found a solution to this?