Prone and collision in BP...

Wondering if anyone has accomplished Prone AND proper collision for it with BP’s?

Prone is no problem, just an animation. The problem is the collision, as it remains the same as when you were standing/crouching. I have fiddled about a good bit, and have not found a solution that seems to work for multiplayer. Locally in PIE, it seems to work, but in multiplayer, you drop below the ‘floor’.

I went into the UE4 code and looked up what ‘Crouch’ and ‘UnCrouch’ were doing, and tried to duplicate in BP… Any ideas?


I went about it a different way then cutting the capsule. I make more collision hit boxes for the head a chest so on… and attach them to sockets on the body. And change the collision setting around for the capsule.

did not think of that, will have to try to figure that method out.

Ok, I can add a collision box to my character, and attach it to the socket, but in the collision section I can not figure out how to switch from the capsulecomponent to the box. If I get rid of collisions on the capsule, then for some reason my map and animations are gone as well… guess I just keep trying things.

I just solved it!
This is done by overriding the traditional Crouch route through Character movement.
The collision capsules for the character is adjusted through changing its height via **Set Capsule Half Height **node affecting the Capsule component and shrinking its size.
Moreover, we are using 2 Boolean variables to decide player’s position (IsProne & IsCrouching) along with the Character Height float which changes with player position (this can be used in the level blueprint). Lastly, we are adjusting the Max Walk Speed for each position.
Hope this helps