Prompting for check out after selecting Make Writable

In the release notes for 4.9 it says: “New: Once an asset is made writable (if it cannot be checked out), it will no longer continue prompting the user for check out when it is modified.” I’m using SVN as source control and have found that this doesn’t seem to be working in 4.9.2. I tested it with a Blueprint asset and a Macro Library asset and was prompted every time I saved for both of them.

It would also be nice for this feature to apply to anything that’s been checked out. I don’t get the prompt when I save something that’s been checked out but I do get the “Updating file(s) source control status…” dialogue every time I save it, and since that can sometimes take minutes (which is odd by itself since using my SVN client outside the editor never takes that long) it really cuts into my productivity. It doesn’t seem there’s a need to check that every time either, once something’s been checked out it stays checked out until I commit.

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The part of the release notes that you have quoted are referring to the “Make Writable” button mentioned in the previous entry. Are you using this button in particular to make something writable? This is available when attempting to save an asset that is part of your source control repository but the editor itself isn’t connected to source control. I had no messages past that after making it writable.

As for you second problem, how many assets are you trying to save at once and what type of assets are they?

Oh, I was specifically referring to the button when you save an asset that isn’t checked out and it gives you this dialogue

For my second point, it’s usually just a single file, most of the time a Blueprint or UMG widget.

Thank you for clarifying that . The reason I didn’t have the issue occur in the first place was due to using Perforce as my method of source control. This issue seems to be isolated to Subversion (Maybe Git as well, but I haven’t tested it as of yet) as I saw the same behavior when using TortoiseSVN. As such, I’ve placed a bug report in our system for the issue. For your reference, the bug number is UE-22532.

As for the other issue, I’m not having any delays in saving as almost everything is instant. What subversion client are you using and does this happen with blank blueprints or are these assets full of other assets, logic or anything of the sort?

Assuming the editor just uses my default SVN client, it’s TortoiseSVN 1.9.0. The blueprints I’ve noticed this happening on do tend to have a lot of logic in them.

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I just wanted to leave an update here to let you know that this issue has been fixed internally and will be coming in a future release.