Prompting an info box

I’ve been doing a lot of reading surrounding UMG trying to figure out how I want a system to work but I’m getting a little stumped. I was hoping someone could give me a brief overview of how I should approach this task.

Basically using the third person demo I aim to have a computer console that upon the player approaching, a symbol is displayed at the bottom of the players screen. When this symbol is preset the player can press a button on their keyboard to open an information box displaying some text.

Again just searching for a brief idea of how to approach this.


Hi man ,
I believe that the consolle is a blueprint, so in there, add a cube collision , set it as overlap all , §
and add the On begin overlap event, when something enter that area , you set a booleans variable as ThePlayerIsNear=1 . and sure, add the On end overlap event, set back the player is near to 0

You have an HUD , to draw 2d things and ui to the player, to in your HUD check the variable of the consolle.and draw the symbol only if the variable of the consolle is 1.

Also the info box, work same, if you want to draw it as a UI use the HUD , otherwise add it as texture or widget in the consolle., In the consolle, you can set the visibility on and off,
You have to enable the input of for the consolle when the player came in his volume! , and then open up the “F key” event and check if the boolean is posityve, if is 1, so you are in the area, you can click the F and get showed the infos.

There are a lot of ways to to these things , truly a lot , for some basic action you can be messy , but for complex stuff you have to build up interfaces and good stuff .