Prompted to save Autosave Levels as actual new levels

I noticed the longer i work the higher the chance the engine craps its pants and starts detecting its own autosaves as assets that need saving. If i do a Shift+S I can end up with 4-5 iterations of the same level (i aleady saved previously) but within the autosave subfolder, example:

If i do attempt to save those, the engine prompts me to save them as new, distinct levels, which is obviously not desired. Is this a known bug?

I am having the same issue. I’ve only noticed it after testing level switching while playing in the editor, but that might just be coincidence.

Bump. Coincidence or not, its clearly a bug. Any idea if they even check threads like these or if we should submit it somewhere else? The issue tracker is not open to the public.

Yup, very annoying. Anyone find a work around besides turning off auto-save?

same problem

same issue here

Still here in 5.1

Yup, still in 5.1, but it seems a tad less often.

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I’m still on 5.0.3 and it’s a real pain in the a**. I’m very tempted to turn off the autosave feature altogether.