Prompt me how to realize on a mobile device not joysticks and moving of finger on a screen?

Prompt me how to realize on a mobile device not joysticks and moving of finger on a screen. Joysticks are already busy at other organs of management. Thanks in advance for a help!

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I’m a little unclear on your meaning. Are you how to use swipe controls on a mobile device?

Hello. And exactly it me and interests. I proposed in tuning of project in a division an input, but for does not work some reason!

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You can create custom touch events using Blueprints with Touch Input node. There’s some good information on this post that might help you get started:

Let me know if that’s what you were looking for.

Good afternoon . Prompt I can’t solve a problem of Swipes location is dropped in case of a clique. Can eat decision? Thanks in advance for response! ! ! Here photo

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Can you let me know what you’re trying to achieve with a swipe gesture, with as many details as you can provide? Thanks!

Good afternoon . It would be desirable to implement swipe top down (advance and back) and swipe to left to right (to turn on left and to turn on right) simply not as I can’t understand as it to make. I watched different examples but they for some reason don’t work or I not correctly do something. Prompt please if it isn’t difficult. Thanks in advance for response!

Swipe input is not implemented yet, I believe, but you can make your own Swipe functionality with following Blueprint setup:

This will get start and end touch locations and get direction of swipe. You can replace Print String nodes with movements you want; Up and Down would be for your forward and backwards movement, and Left and Right would take your rotation movements.

Hope that helps!

Good afternoon I found for myself solution from swipe. I don’t know correct or not correct this decision but it works to whom interestingly here a screenshot!!!