Promoted Branch Feature Announcements?

I use a version of the engine based on the GitHub’s promoted branch. From time to time I download an update and merge it to my project’s branch. The problem here is that it is hard to say whether I need to update or not. I would like to only update when there are some new features useful for me.

I remember that previously there was something like “Engine Features Highlights” for recent additions to the engine but it looks like it doesn’t get posted anymore. Is it possible for us somehow to get information about what’s new in the promoted/master branches? This would be very helpful for deciding when to merge the engines. No fancy stuff required: just a raw list of changes would be sufficient IMO.



Hey Robert - Epic is going to be attending GDC which is less than a week away.

Normally they do engine highlights but with GDC so close they will be showing off allot of cool tech and new features.

So hang in there Robert.

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