promote your UE4 video game on the facebook fan group

Welcome people to the group!

Are you wanting to promote your video game in a group that’s on, then you came to the right place!

Link to Join group


Came to the right place…??? :eek:

All for supporting Itch but hosting it on Facebook…
That’s so pre-CambridgeAnalytica-Palantir dude.
FB now blocked at hosts, adblocker, router level. :stuck_out_tongue:
Wait until Zuck starts mining the Facebook Hive

well I’m not sure why they are doing that for, just that I’m wanting people to Join so that they can share their video game projects


Both Facebook & Google got caught buying credit-card-history and medical-records recently. What for? To bring this type of dystopian joy to the West… What’s needed is an open-source platform for hosting user-pages / groups. In the same way as Signal is replacing closed-source WhatsApp etc…