Projects won't save says I lack "sufficent permission."

I am trying to work on my project after I transferred my program files unto a new computer. Made sure to load the program files into the correct folder and downloaded the same Unreal Launcher I was using on my old laptop. The level loads just fine but I have the error message that pops up whenever I try to save.

"You do not have sufficient permission to save the following content to disk. Any changes you make to this content will only apply during the current editor session.


it could be a few things, you might not have admin permissions to save on your computer, if you go to the accounts on your computer you can make youre account an admin. one of the folders involved in saving may not have write permissions,

make sure your project isnt opened twice though. unreal will allow the project to be opened multiple times but it wont save anything from either if theyre both opened