Projects stored on Cloud

Hi there, whether you’re the Unreal Engine team or just someone who wants to read this, first off, I am with in a programming/tech group with 7 other people. We’re planning to work on a project using Unreal Engine 4, but, we cannot store the project on cloud, online, or offline. The 1GB usb flash drive I use is WAY too small to fit so much information. I tried dropbox, but it takes too long.

I would highly recommend adding projects stored on cloud. I know projects take up a lot of space, but at least make it that even only 1 project per account can be put onto cloud.


  • Pro Pineapple (the tech group)

If you work on it with 7 people you should think about using some source control, and that’s what your search for. There are many options available, no need for Epic to offer that. :slight_smile:

There’s already a number of source control cloud solutions