Projects not saved??

So I’ve been messing around with UE4 since it became free. I’ve spent hours on maps that I make and I would always make sure I save even after an auto-save. The problem is that whenever I try to reopen a project it opens as if I just started a new map. The thumbnail when I start it up is the last thing I was doing when I saved, but when I open it up the level, the start up map is what I get instead. Has this happen to anyone else and if so can it be fixed?? Sorry if this is not very descriptive, I’m new at at posting stuff for help because I can usually find the help I need by searching it up.

You probably just need to set the default starting level and editor map.

  1. do what cybereality said
  2. you can open levels when you go to file - open level - choose your level :slight_smile:

Okay I got it to work! Thanks for the help I really appreciate it!