Projects keeping merging randomly

Anyone know why this happens . I randomly get multiple project files in the same directory but they show up in the launcher as separate things - its hard to tell if they are merged or wHat is going on . This has happened on multiple occasions. U can see in the pic the launcher is showing iceworldmarket v4.14 and Avatar over on left then win dir of Avatar4.20 with both .uproject files in there . So weird . I’ve got at least 4 of these across 3 machines - can it come from migrating content ? I dont get it - all different content that is merged - I don’t see how I could even get the project file to save to the other dir unless I physically took it and moved it maybe once that could happen accidentaly but like 3 or 4 times ? I def migrate alot of stuff and have like 10-20 different projects on each machine .

When i launch the one thats in the wrong directory it seems like the whole structure is there - so for this one if i launch the Icemarket all of Avatar is there - but it asked to pick a engine version cuz its 4.15 -
not just in 4.20 /