projects I import look fuzzy or blurry.

I downloaded the Infinity Blade packs from the marketplace since they was free. I added them to my project and loaded up the default maps they came with.

When I press play they look fuzzy or blurry, how would I go about fixing this? Really new to UE4 so non rocket science answers please :slight_smile: Thanks in advance.

Check you quality settings -> settings - scalability settings - epic :slight_smile:

I turned those to EPIC and it helped a bit, must be those levels are low quality built. They still look good tho.

Also, instead of making a new topic. I’m trying to stream on Twitch with OBS but Game capture doesn’t work on UE4 and monitor capture drops my FPS while streaming to like 12 so my stream just lags like crazy. Any fixes for that?

When you show us a picture of your level, we can probably find another reason why it looks low quality :slight_smile: → e.g mip maps, lod’s,…

Take a look at the included twitch feature -> I think with that you can directly stream your UE4 screen to twitch (you will have to look for an explanation in the documentation)