ProjectPointToNavigation is no longer working for me - any ideas what could cause this issue ?

I put my issue up to the AnswerHub, but going to also try my luck here.

This is my setup:

It used to work fine in 4.19… No longer works in 4.22.

I noticed if I crank up query extent to something ridiculously high on XY, like 5000,5000,100 (my default is 28,28,100), I start getting Projected Location output (which is by ~1000 units off the trace hit location).

Any idea what I am doing wrong here? Collisions are working, navmesh is there, I should be getting location returned, but I only get it returned here and there (and none for the most part in the top room).

I have same problem. Did you fount why?

Btw, I solved that, so posting here in case someone need it.

In my case it was nav agent radius, which I changed to 10. So, if you change the navagentradius in recast-navmesh-default actor in your level, you need also to go to project settings>navigation system>supported agents and add an agent with the same agent radius. Then it seems to work.