ProjectLauncher build error: AutomationTool.AutomationException: Failed to find command Release

Hi all,

I’m currently experimenting with the ProjectLauncher and figuring out how to use the release building works using versioning as well as the patching and DLC implementation.
However I seem to be running into issues left and right.
The workflow I’m using is the one described on the following page: Releasing Your Project | Unreal Engine Documentation

As I’m just experimenting with the feature I’m working in a completely new blank code project running on 4.14.1 downloaded via the launcher. I saved the startscene as a new MainScene and made that my main startup scene.

Following the example and attempting to build the project as is with only the main scene included I ran into a first error complaining about “Only staged builds can be paked”. Adding the the -stage command resolved this and then everything cooked, packages and so forth. The releases folder is created and in the saved folder I can find the stage builds.

However I do get an error message during the build process: “Program.Main:ERROR: AutomationTool terminated with exception: AutomationTool.AutomationException: Failed to find command Release”.
I’m not sure if that has any implications as I did end up with an executable but still it’s an error.
Any ideas what I might be missing here?

[Click here for the build log][1]

And here are my launcher settings, based on the example page:

Thanks for the help and happy holidays!

try… take out “1” in “Release version this is based on” section. That section is for patching.
Don’t add -stage for release one.

Aha ! Thanks :slight_smile:

This worked for me. Thanks!

I have the same issue, it is caused by Name of the new release to create. You choose “Main Release” as a name, there should not be space in it.

But if you have no number in versions u cant create a patch ?

I found this answer, late! Found the fix on my own but would have been helpful to come across this, sooner. This is my answer to a duplicate question: